Click on the logo to go to the Photo Story 3 for Windows website.
Photo Story 3 is already available on all computers at Johnson.

How do I make a Photo Story?

This tutorial will walk you through the process of making your first Photo Story. Don't worry about the first part that is shown in the video, which deals with downloading the program onto your computer, unless you want to download Photo Story on your home computer. Photo Story is already downloaded on all school computers.

Johnson Jaguars in Action!

Please enjoy the following Photo Stories created by Johnson students! Please add your own Photo Stories if you or your class have made any!
(NOTE: Video files may not play on all web browsers.)

Johnson School Virtual Tour

The Tech Club created this virtual tour of our school for new students, parents, and visitors to our website.

First Grade Thanksgiving Movie

This movie was made by a first grade bilingual class in order to tell their parents the story of the First Thanksgiving.

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Lincoln Marsh

Fourth graders share what they learned on their field trip.

First Grade Library Field Trip

Thank You Message for Central DuPage Hospital

The first graders wanted to thank Central DuPage Hospital for the free bike helmets they received.